Alexander Corners Veterans and Pearl Harbor Memorial

Alexander Corners Veterans and Pearl Harbor Memorial was started in 1996 with the placement of a M60A3 Main Battle Tank in a landscaped area between the Greenhouses and the General Store, and in 2002 a Cobra Helicopter was added as part of the Eagle Scout project of Jonathan Rhodes, which honored Veterans and Pearl Harbor Survivors many from Chapter 7 of the Pearl Harbor Survivor’s Association . The site is landscaped and planted with seasonal flowers as well as perennials and is being improved yearly. The entire site where the Greenhouses, Memorial and Store are located was originally the Farm of Revolutionary War Veteran, Oliver Bates, who settled in the area in 1807. There is a history room located inside the General Store pertaining to local military activities and Veterans.

Oliver-Cyrus Bates Home
The Oliver-Cyrus Bates Home was placed on the State and National Register of Historic Sites, in July 2004 and was the first site in the town of Henderson to be so recognized. The National Register Information System ID is 04000710. The site may have been part of the Underground Railroad and Orson Pratt,

One of the original 12 Apostles of the Mormon Church was married to Sarah Bates on July 4, 1836 on the site.